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 Redbubble Designs & Products

Various products available with the following designs. Products include notebooks (both soft and hard cover), pillows, coasters, mugs, travel mugs, stickers, laptop sleeves, mini skirts and so much more! Just click on a design you're interested in and shop away.

Under the Sea Design by Melanie Stevens

Amazon Journals, Diaries, & Logbooks

The following are all soft-covered journals, diaries, and notebooks. Some are lined and some are blank. The last product, The Crafter's Notes, is specifically for artists and crafters who would like to keep track of their business in various ways and includes financial records and other record-keeping sheets for blogs, supplies, and shows.

Spell & Potions Journal Logbook DiaryOdin's Dream Diary Journal Logbook

Twilight Impressions Diary Journal LogbookReflections of Long Ago Journal Diary Logbook NotebookOut of the Chrysalis Journal Diary Notebook

Dragon Speak Notebook Logbook Diary JournalCraft Compendium Journal Diary Notebook Logbook Spellbook Book of ShadowsA Crafter's Notes Financial Logbook Journal


Various jewelry that includes wire-wrapping, beadwork, and fiber/textile.

These cute little spoons would be absolutely perfect for those homemade salt baths or other similar gifts for friends and family.

Wall Art

Paintings and 3D wall art.
Mother Gaia 3D Painting by Melanie Stevens

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